“I kept thinking these dancers are athletes with form; ultimate form featuring bodies that are trained to perfection. Dance Now! produces beautiful dance.”


“This company is one to watch.”


Marj O'Neill-Butler, MiamiArtizine.com

“This company is not only elegant and fierce, but is dedicated to its community.  Over the course of ten years, the company has informed our beaches, landmarks, institutions, and public spaces and made themselves an artistic treasure in our community and a jewel in our own back yard.  This latest presentation is but one more enriching, provoking, and well-crafted offering by a mature, exciting and bounds-breaking company. “


Miguel Estefan, Miami Art Guide

"Strings of Goodbye….almost brings you to tears. You're taken by the dancers' grace, fluidity, presence and execution. They seem to bend their supple limbs and bodies into breathtaking angles to connivery heartbreaking emotions. You lose yourself in the music, movement and moment."


Michele-Jessica Fievre, Rebelle Magazine

 “a delicious and deliriously varied soundtrack to accompany such diverse choreographies.”


J.C. Perez, Performance Jourmalism.com

“…an intermingling of bodies exploring their own invisible light… set up by a poetic choreography.”


Dinorah Perez-Rementeria, Miami Art Guide

“The Dance Now  project, Donne, is that novel and unique that it should be commissioned across the country for Mother’s Day. The dance shows the tension and love between mothers, daughters, sisters and lovers in the program's numerous dance presentations.”


“Dance is often thought of as a ritual of childhood—but often forgotten as adults. Through more than their performances alone, the Dance Now! Ensemble seems to be spreading a message to the audience that dance is for the masses and for all ages”. (America/America)


Marvin Glassman, Entertainment News and Views

“Hannah Baumgarten’s inventive Losing Grace…made for an interesting twist on the relationship between dancer and musician”.


“(the dancers) leap and spring from a pair of fold-out chairs in a display of balance and energy…”


“Lines of dancers crisscrossing the stage with brisk, purposeful strides in Salterini’s No Stories Told…”


Mia Leonin, The Miami Herald

“Dance Now! arrives! ...they have earned the exclamation point at the end of 'Now'...they're now in the forefront of forging Miami's distinctive vision for the future of experimental dance...”


“It's the degree of theatricality and of emotional interplay with the audience ...that sets Dance Now! dancers apart from most of our other local dance troupes”.


“...an exuberantly spontaneous, off-the-cuff feel... a driving force on the local dance scene... a breezily instinctive and engaging plette of movement that is genuinely refreshing and non-derivative. Salterini and Baumgarten are adept at rendering the exhilirating chaos and raw energy of urban life...”


Best of the Beaches, 2003: Best Experimental Dance Company, Best Choreographers, Best Costume Design, Runner up for Best Original Dance Piece (Miles and Miles).


Best of the Beaches, 2004: Best Experimental Dance Company, Best Choreographers, Best Original Dance Piece (Le Stagioni), Runner up for Best Dance Concert, Runner up for Best Female Dancer.


Tony Guzman, Miami Sun Post

“Baumgarten shows a gift for revealing emotion and relationship via formal dance means”.


“...there was the vital  sense of a private world revealed by individual movement in which meaning emerged naturally from the dancing.... a straight up, energetic and sexy jazz dancing... the dancers, and Salterini, did very well..a sexy urban jazz work... always energetic and earnest... a forthright, unexpected sensuality.”


“...enough original vision here to make Dance Now! seem worth watching more than ever....its because Dance Now! has shown such determination and progress that we want them to be good”.


Jordan Levin, Miami Herald

“Visual Impact!”


“...homegrown doesn't have to mean humdrum....the troupe's avoidance of the commonplace could secure its artistic niche”.


Guillermo Perez, Sun Sentinel